Lwerudeso supports education of orphans and vulnerable children through providing good quality education at Lwerudeso Primary School, secondary schools and other institutions. Most of our parents in this community are poor and find it hard to fulfil school needs. In the current situation children face various challenges that include child abuse, child neglect, orphanage, poor and vulnerable family backgrounds who are marginally illiterate. They therefore need protection, involvement and participation in all aspects especially through education so that they can change their background.

Through Lwengo Kids Foundation (see the Partnerships tab) a child support organisation based in Holland we are now able to attach a child to a sponsor who contributes to their education. Sponsors also instil hope in children by writing to them letters, visiting them at school and homes. This program is well managed with a well trained and equipped staff, which has started great projects (see the Projects tab).

a large number of sponsored children