Lwerudeso Organisation Structure


Lwerudeso employs qualified staff in line with its operations as shown in the structure below.




Executive Director - Jjuuko Anthony

  • Maintain strategic oversight of project (i.e. medium- & long-term awareness and planning)
  • Ensure project constitution, policies and guidelines are comprehensive, up-to-date and followed by all employees.
  • Develop & maintain strong working relationships with all Board members
  • Maintain close, regular, formal & informal contact with Project Manager & Project Development Officer
  • Maintain regular informal (& if necessary formal) contact with other project employees
  • Build & maintain network of external contacts (for advice, influence, fund-raising etc)

Chair Board meetings (and oversee prior agenda-setting)


Project Manager - Tuhame Francis

  • Oversee day-to-day management of project (through regular monitoring of school and community facilities & activities).
  • Meet weekly with Executive Director, to discuss implementation of project strategy (via budget), current/potential issues arising, and current and potential project development activity.
  • Meet every Monday with Project Development Officer & Accountant, to agree and document weekly plans (joined by Executive Director, Head Teacher and/or Community Engagement Workers, as required or requested).
  • Meet every Friday with Project Development Officer & Accountant, to review current week’s activity and make initial preparation for following week’s activity.
  • Monitor project’s physical infrastructure, and manage related activity (i.e. new construction, such as buildings and power supply, & maintenance/repair of existing structures, such as offices, classrooms, sleeping facilities etc.)
  • Be responsible for quality assurance (& continuous improvement) of all project personnel and activities
  • Monitor project’s Human Resources (i.e. all employees, and other regular contributors – such as parish & village Board members, external facilitators, and volunteers), intervening to support/guide as required
  • Stimulate & monitor recruitment & training (employees, Board members, school staff and students)
  • Stimulate & monitor physical expansion proposals/activity, in liaison with Executive Director (i.e. new buildings, vehicles and projects – e.g. trees, piggery/poultry, health clinic, guest house, micro-financing)
  • Work closely with Community Engagement Workers on relevant issues/activities (e.g. appropriate Board members from the community, top current & anticipated community concerns/priorities etc.)
  • Stimulate outreach activity, in conjunction with Executive Director (e.g. with media and potential donors)


Community Engagement Worker - Bwanika Douglas Mayanja

Started in september 2023 at Lwerudeso, at the age of 25 years. Born of Masaka District and grew up in Lwengo District. I am a hardworking and enthusiastic about learning new skills, well organized and always meet deadlines when they have been set. I am easy to work with other people but I can also work well independently. I am a trustworthy and responsible person at all times and in various places

I have a strong passion in taking care and loving much to support the orphans and disabled persons and children. I am always excited and feel energytic while doing and seeing people doing out things that I love most like helping the other honestly and with realistic minds both in my life and professional life .I am also a conscientious and self motivated person, reliable and resourceful and with this the ability to prioritize a substantial workload . 

A graduate of Makerere University, I graduated with a  Bachelor of Adult and Community Education .


My work for LWERUDESO

  • Mobilizing, monitoring the Community for any activity to be done in respective area of operation.
  • Co-planner and advocating for the area of operation.
  • Sensitizing the community meetings, workshops in respective area of operation.
  • Reporting to base office about activities carried out and the necessary information in terms of threats, challenges,and ideas in respective area of operation.
  • Establish close working relationship with Project Manager
  • Widen and deepen engagement of local community, under guidance of Project Manager.
  • Identify and nurture key influencing groups/individuals within project area.
  • Identify local community groups/families under greatest pressure(i.e. struggling severely or in crisis)
  • Establish top priorities of local community groups.
  • Organizing community meetings and trainings.
  • Reporting to Local government about the programs conducted by the organization in respective area of organization.
  • Requisitioning money for the community activities done and accounting for it after work in the respective area of operation.
  • Responding to any other responsibilities assigned by the supervisor .


Accountant - Najjuuko Molly

  • Under guidance of Project Manager, prepare & manage project budget (via detailed monthly lay-out, and tracking weekly income & expenditure in preparation for Monday & Friday team meetings)
  • Conduct all project banking activity, and carefully monitor account(s), ensuring weekly balances match figures documented in accounts spreadsheet
  • Coordinate and document collection of school fees, and other financial contributions (e.g. from donors)
  • Authorise and release funds for small project purchases (up to price limit agreed with Project Manager)
  • Ensure safe on-site management & security of project funds
  • Maintain close, regular communication with accounting mentor (Muheirwe Florida, ACCA)


Child Development Officer (Lwerudeso Primary School) - Waliggo Denis

  • Oversee day-to-day management of school (i.e. staff/students & resources/ facilities/activities etc)
  • Develop ‘whole child’ culture within school, where all aspects of development are addressed (i.e. intellectual, physical, emotional & spiritual)
  • Maintain school discipline (within framework of compassion and fairness)
  • Maximise academic performance of students – setting appropriate goals for
  • mainstream & special needs students)
  • Maximise performance of staff (i.e. quality of teaching/coaching, attendance etc.)
  • Stimulate wider enrichment/development (through MDD, sports and other activities), including opportunities to compete (internally and externally)
  • Ensure students have appropriate support to enhance academic & wider performance (i.e. adequate & appropriate resources/equipment, food & drink, time to play, sleeping arrangements etc)
  • Ensure staff have appropriate support to maximise student performance (i.e. access to appropriate resources/equipment – both academic & non-academic, adequate food & drink, opportunity to relax etc)
  • Ensure students have access to appropriate clothing/equipment for academic & non-academic activity
  • Ensure school compound is well-maintained (for benefit of staff, students & visitors)


Administrative Assistant - Nannono Betty

  • Carry out administrative tasks under guidance of Project Manager
  • Arrange (& if appropriate collect) small project purchases, up to price limit agreed with Project Manager
  • Prepare & print documents for Project Manager & other employees (wherever possible via computer)
  • Ensure relevant records/files etc. left in their care are stored safely & securely
  • Help coordinate arrangements for project special events (e.g. visits, parties)
  • Help coordinate activity of external providers before arrival & while on-site (e.g. workmen, facilitators)


Head Matron - Nakafuuma Margaret

  • Supervise all other matrons under guidance of the child development officer.
  • Help coordinate all dormitory programs before forwarding to higher authorities.


In charge Lwerudeso Health Centre - Lubega Samuel

Read more under the "Projects" tab and scroll down to Health Centre.





Community Engagement Workers (x2) (vacant due to COVID-19)

  • Establish close working relationship with Project Development Officer
  • Widen & deepen engagement of local community, under guidance of Project Development Officer
  • Identify and nurture key influencing groups/individuals within project area
  • Identify local community groups/families under greatest pressure (i.e. struggling severely or in crisis).
  • Establish top priorities of local community groups.


[N.B. These workers should represent different community groups (one from a dominant group/family and one from struggling group/family); also should be one male & one female.]