Lwengo Rural Development Support Organization is a community based organization started out of the efforts of local people working together with the available resources to realise a desired change.

Under local standards our capacity in terms of skills and resources are minimal and limited.
We believe our active relationship between organizations, individuals, well wishers, local and international governments to combine resources and expertise can build potentials and desired outcomes realised.

Our partners now (2021) include:



Lwengo Kids Foundation


Lwengo Kids Foundation believes that every child, regardless of origin, has the right to education in order to increase the prospect of a good future. This benefits the child, the family, the district and ultimately the country in which the child grows up.

One of the poorest regions of Uganda is Lwengo, an area where AIDS and HIV infection have left its mark.
Our contact person Anthony, together with his employees, tracks down children who have no prospect of education and good care. We try to find sponsors for these children in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe, so that they too have a good future.

The Doingoood foundation is a 100% non-profit organization, a social enterprise that organizes and guides internships abroad, volunteer work and social travel in Africa.

We work together with partner projects in the areas of:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Special needs care and education
  • Community projects
  • General social problems (e.g. HIV, teenage mothers)

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For US citizens 18 and older who are curious about the world and committed to helping others.

The Peace Corps Volunteer Program is often called life-changing by the more than 230,000 Americans who have served. Get the chance to fully integrate into a host community, where you will live and work on projects ranging from education to business development.

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Knowledge for Children:


Our vision is to invest in the knowledge of children and the knowledge of teachers, parents and local communities as a whole. By investing in knowledge KforC contributes to communities’ self-reliance and improves the quality of education. In cooperation with and support of the government and our partners. 


Our Mission is to invest in Quality Education for children in rural areas by building a platform that operates professionally and emphasizes on results. Knowledge for Children focuses on promoting the involvement and self-reliance of the local community by a financial co-investment concept and by working through strong partnerships with education organisations. We aim to improve the quality of Primary Education and give as many children as possible a better future.


Other partners who have cooperate in the past: 

  • Pace
  • World Vision
  • Be More
  • Children Of Uganda
  • Civil society Fund